Welcome back

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-25 at 11.30.50We are very pleased to welcome Florian Rehrmann and Kirsten Schmerder back to our group. After Florian successfully completed his master’s thesis in our laboratory in 2020, he is now back as replace for Jennifer Koch during her maternity leave. We couldn’t ask for a better one for these tasks, as Florian got to know the laboratory and the processes very well during his master’s thesis.
Kirsten also successfully completed her master’s thesis with us in 2020 and is now returning to our work group as a doctoral candidate. During her PhD, she will continue her research and hopefully deepen our knowledge about neurobiological processes during depressive and manic episodes in bipolar disorder models. She will implement optogenetic approaches to be able to interfere with the dopaminergic system during behavioral assessment.
We are looking forward working together (again).