People in the group Molecular Psychiatry in Tübingen lead by Jun.-Prof. Vanessa Nieratschker are experts in epigenetics and psychiatric disorders. We collaborate with them on epigenetic influences of early life stress. Furthermore,  when we were in Tübingen they very kindly let us share their lab space and equipment. Thanks a lot guys!

 Molecular Psychiatry Tübingen


Dr. Kristina Herfert and her team at the Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy, Tübingen are interested in neurological disorders and genomic imaging. As part of our collaboration on neurobiological mechanisms of bipolar disorder-like behavior we get to use their state of the art imaging facilities.

Preclinical Imaging


Thanks a lot to Henrik Wild from Panogate, who supported us in getting this website online!




Sometimes we (have to) spent time with the people from the Rose lab but we also get cool bird brains for immunohistochemical stainings from them.

Rose Lab