Two Bachelors in one month

business-2846221_1280In August we can congratulate twice. Maike Kneist and Monique Jäger successfully completed their bachelor’s degree. Maike’s bachelor’s thesis is entitled “Poly (I:C) animal model of schizophrenia – involvement of the gut-brain axis”. Monique submitted her thesis entitled “Molecular Correlates of Altered Mating Behavior in an Animal Model of Bipolar Disorder”. We wish both of them all the best for their future.

Welcome dear Sarah

Foto SarahWe are very pleased to welcome Dr. Sarah Starosta to our working group. She has been researching and living in America for the last 7 years after doing her PhD at Ruhr- University. More precisely 4 years in New York at the Cold Spring Harbor laboratory and another 3 years at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Her research focus was the effects of cancer on brain function and mental illness. With the help of the DFG returnee grant, Sarah can get a fresh start for her professional future here in Germany. We are happy to give her the opportunity to do this in our laboratory, as we share the interface lies in the interest in the interaction between the immune system and mental illnesses. We look forward to a great cooperation. See more

A new doctor is in town

Sevim PhDWe are particularly pleased to congratulate Sevim Isparta on passing her PhD exam on July 7th, 2023 in Ankara, Turkey. The title of her doctoral thesis is “Behavioral and genetic evaluation of effect of prenatal stress on funcional cerebral asymmetries in rats”. All the best from our side for this great achievement.


Let the corks pop

Malin Hedtstück has passed her master’s degree with the title „Microglial alterations and their impact on neurogenesis in a poly (I:C) mouse model of schizophrenia“. We congratulate her and wish her all the best for her future.

Dream Team

Kristo_SelinWe welcome two new master students to our group.

Kristo`s master’s project aims to examine maternal immune activation in a Poly I:C mouse model of schizophrenia. Precisely, he will investigate how the interaction between the brain and gut microbiome in tandem with the activation of microglia might be responsible for the generation of schizophrenia-like behaviors. For that purpose, he will measure the concentrations of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the selected bloodserum mice samples and thus evaluate the validity of the aforementioned interaction.

Selin is interested in the effects of early life stress on later brain development, particularly maternal stress. To this end, she will utilize molecular techniques to investigate the impact of maternal stress on the rat hippocampus.

See Kristo

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We are looking for you

We are looking for a new PhD student to enrich our group. The focus of the doctoral thesis is on bipolar disorder in animal models and optogenetic methods. If you find yourself here and would like to start your doctoral thesis in autumn 2023, just follow the link below for more information.

Website MoNN&Di

It’s time to say goodbye

Masterabschluss Kimberly BösingAfter a year full of work, Kimberly Bösing submitted her master’s thesis entitled: Role of cellular senesence and activated microglia in the Poly (I:C) mouse model of schizophrenia in February. We congratulate her and wish her all the best for her future.

New Year New Students

Candy TheisWe are very happy to welcome Candy as a new master student. Candy is interested in using social behaviors for the investigation of psychiatric disorders.
She will therefore perform a battery of social tests to further describe the mania-like phase of our Dopamine D1-Receptor rat model for bipolar disorder.

More about Candy

Faculty Day

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-14 at 13.18.46On October 14, the first Faculty Day of the medical faculty of the RUB took place. This was organized by the Commission for Young Scientists. All clinics, institutes and chairs of the Bochum University Medicine were allowed to show their research and doctoral topics by means of a poster presentation. Of course, we were also represented with our working group.