Research Colloquium Experimental Psychiatry (VZ: 208606)
Monday, 12 – 2 pm
ZKF1, E.144
Ruhr- University Bochum

Intensive Course Animal Experimental Work (VZ: 208605)
Date to be announced
ZKF1, E.144
Ruhr- University Bochum

Animal models in psychiatry (VZ: 112636)
Wednesday, 2 – 4pm
IA, 1/161
Ruhr- University Bochum

Bedside Teaching-Psychiatry (VZ: 206055)
Tuesday, 3 – 4:30pm
LWL- Universitätsklinikum Bochum

Research internship

Our lab offers the opportunity for research internships for Bachelor and Master students to gain experiences in histological staining, behavioral testing, cell culture and other molecular techniques. Feel free to contact us.