Our Expertise

Behavioral Tests

Since we are analyzing the underlying mechanisms of psychiatric disorders, we have a large battery of behavioral testing setups for mouse and rat. Each test is specific for certain behavior that we use to observe behavioral changes. Besides the big selection of tests, our lab also offers qualified expertise in all of these tests.

© RUB, Marquard

© RUB, Marquard

Anxiety-related behavior is analyzed in mouse and rat with the

  • Elevated- plus-maze Test
  • Light/ Dark box test
  • Open- field test
  • Marble-burying test
  • Novel object test
  • Pre-Pulse-Inhibition Startlebox

Depressive-like behavior is observed with the use of

  • Forced- swim test
  • Shuttle-box tests
  • Skinnerbox tests
  • Sucrose preference test
  • social interaction tests as well as empathy tests
  • 3-chamber-test

Learning and Memory abilities are examined in our automated

  • Watermaze (rat)
  • Radial arm maze (rat)
  • Skinnerbox (rat)
  • T-Maze (mouse)
  • Barnes maze (mouse)