Our Expertise

Behavioral Tests

Since we are analyzing the underlying mechanisms of psychiatric disorders, we have a large battery of behavioral testing setups for mouse and rat. Each test is specific for a certain behavior which we use to observe behavioral changes. Besides the big selection of tests, our lab also offers qualified expertise in all of these tests.

© RUB, Marquard

© RUB, Marquard

Anxiety-related behavior is analyzed with the

  • Elevated- plus- maze Test (mouse and rat)
  • Light/ Dark box test
  • Open- field test
  • Marble-burying test
  • Novel object test
  • Pre-Pulse-Inhibition Startlebox

Depressive-like behavior is observed with the use of

  • Forced- swim test
  • Tail- suspension test (mouse)
  • Shuttle-box tests
  • Skinnerbox tests
  • Sucrose preference test
  • social interaction tests as well as empathy tests

Learning and Memory abilities for rats are examined in our

  • Watermaze
  • Radial arm maze
  • Skinnerbox