Congrats Mate!

We are happy to announce that Mate has been awarded the FoRUM grant of the Medical Faculty of the Ruhr-University for his MD project. Therewith, he plans to investigate the influence of early life stress on neuroinflammation and GABAergic interneurons in the hippocampus and amygdala in rats exposed to maternal separation. Congratulations Mate!


FENS 2020 Virtual Forum

Annakarina, Dominik, Martina and Nadja K. are presenting virtual posters at the FENS Forum. Please stop by and feel free to ask questions via live chat or email!

Sunday pm & Wednesday am:

1113 – Metacontrol based on categorization in the pigeon brain (Martina)

Monday pm & Wednesday am:

2309 – Prefrontal dopamine D1 receptor manipulation influences anxiety behavior and induces neuroinflammation in the hippocampus (Dominik)

2310 – Lasting consequences of maternal separation over the course of development on behavior and neurobiology (Annakarina)

2312 – The emergence of schizophrenia-like symptoms after maternal immune activation over different developmental stages (Nadja K.)

Congratulations, Lisa!

PHOTO-2020-07-01-11-53-24Just days before the Corona lockdown Lisa had handed in her M.Sc. thesis on risk-taking in our rat bipolar disorder model. Lisa was able to establish the rodent version of the Iowa Gambling Task in our lab. We thank her a lot for her patience and commitment when setting up the new operant boxes. Unfortunately, we were not able to have a proper celebration and could only say goodby via Zoom. Lisa, we wish you all the best for your future!