Bipolar Disorder: Its Etiology and How to Model in Rodents


Together with Prof. Juckel, clinical director of the LWL University hospital, Nadja wrote a chapter in the book “Psychiatric Disorders Methods and Protocols” published by Springer Science and edited by Firas H Kobeissy.

The chapter by Nadja is entitled “Bipolar Disorder: Its Etiology and How to Model in Rodents” and provides deep insights into the etiology of Bipolar Disorder and different animal models. For more information click here.


new year new projects

As 2019 ends, we are thankful for a wonderful year with exciting projects successfully finished by our great students. We are looking forward to new students joining our lab and their fantastic new projects starting.

Interesting studies about either bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or early life stress are coming up this year from the Freundlab. Stay tuned for upcoming publications!