Farewells and new beginnings

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-07 at 10.48.30After we were able to say goodbye to three of our Bachelor students who despite the pandemic were able to finish their theses, we are very happy about our new Bachelor student Nadine Klinker.
The topic of her bachelor thesis are the molecular mechanisms of risk behaviour in an animal model of bipolar disorder. By immunohistochemical investigation she is looking for the methyl
CpG-binding protein 2 (MeCP2) in different brain regions. Quantitative data will be collected to investigate a link between theisepigenetic factor, which is expressed in central nervous tissue,
and the risk behaviour of rats. The rats were therefore tested in an operant rodent version of the Iowa gambling task.
We are looking forward working with you!


Congrats x 4 to our Master and bachelor students!

Despite of the Corona-virus pandemic and #ruhruniremote, our lab kept on working (as safe as possible) and produced some fantastic results!  Thus, we are happy to announce that four of our students recently submitted their Master’s and Bachelor’s thesis. Congrats to Flo, Karola, Nadja K. and Malin for their great work, patience (especially with all the animal behavior), and lots of effort refining certain methods in our lab! You will all be missed. They used different approaches to investigate behavioral and neurological impairments in our PolyI:C schizophrenia models as well as in a new mouse model for Bipolar disorder. Stay tuned for upcoming results!