Brain Day at RUB!

A day all about Bochum’s neuroscience with lectures, information stands and activities – Brain Day at RUB! On the 13th of September Nadja is going to give an interesting talk about “On top of the world, or in the depths of despair – What we know about bipolar disorder” as one of the speakers at the Brain Day. Fell free to join her talk at 14:15 about the disorder, possible causes and treating options as well as animal models in research.

It’s all about Communication!

The German Society for Bipolar Disorder (DGBS) aims to bring together patients, relatives of patients and scientist all associated to Bipolar Disorder. To join the very important discussion and to emphazise the ongoing research in this field, Nadja and Dominik will be at the next meeting in Munich from the 7th – the 9th of september.