Grateful for an amazing day!

Yesterday we had our symposium about Animal Models of Affective Disorders here at RUB. We are still amazed by the excellent speakers, the fruitful discussions and the huge interest in this topic! Thanks to Jenn, Colleen, Luisa, and Sophie for talking about their research and animal models, and for answering all our questions. Also, thanks to all the participants for joining the discussion, presenting their research and making this symposium so special! Congrats to the poster prize winners David and Bettina! We were pleased to host this great event funded by the RUB Research School PLUS. Hopefully, see you all soon!

Speakers and Organizers of the Symposium

Speakers and Organizers of the Symposium Animal Models of Affective Disorders 2019

Getting excited for our symposium!

image1We are looking forward to two days of interesting talks and discussions about different Animal Models of Affective Disorders here in Bochum! Happy to welcome famous speakers from around the world to participate in our symposium! Dr. Jennifer Honeycutt from the Northeastern University, Prof. Colleen McClung from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA, Dr. Luisa Pinto from the Life and Health Science Research Institute (ICVS) in Portugal, and Prof. Sophie Erhardt from the Karolinska Institutet, Schweden will talk about their models and newest research this Friday. Everyone interested is welcome to join the discussion! More info here.

What the maternal side can teach us!

Ibrahim and Prof. Kessler at the DKPM 2019

Ibrahim and Prof. Kessler at the DKPM 2019

In his medical thesis, Ibrahim is investigating the effects of maternal separation on dams and consequences of separation on the dam-pup interaction. On the German Congress of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy 2019 in Berlin, he will be presenting this interesting approach and first results of his analysis. It’s definitely worth visiting his poster Maternal separation in Rat Mothers – what can the Maternal Side teach us? (LBP09) tomorrow afternoon!

Congratulations, Annika!


Annika finished her bachelor thesis last week. She analysed interleukin 6 in the brain of rats’ that were  overexpressing the dopamine D1 receptor and got some very interesting results.  Very well done, Annika!


Celebrate with us!

Nadja was part of the Global Young Faculty Group ‘Entdecke dein Ruhrpot(t)enzial’. They were interested in activating interest of young people in the Ruhr region for research and industry and therefore produced two movie clips. Premiere of the movies will be on Feb 21st at Unperfekthaus Essen. Let us know and join if you are interested!


what a great year!

We are looking back at a wonderful year with many new people joining our lab and fantastic new projects starting. We want to say thank you for all the fun we’re having, the great ideas we’re sharing and for all the support we’re giving each other! Moreover, we’re thankful for all the great collaboration partners we have. Its a pleasure working together!

We wish you all are having happy Christmas holidays and a great start into 2019! Looking forward to another great, exciting year with the Freundlab!

Poster at SfN!

img-meetingsfnAnna is presenting a poster at the SfN meeting in San Diego. Join her at poster TT21 on Sunday afternoon to learn about our newest findings on early life stress and Otx2.


SyNergy Microglial Meeting in munich

The role of Microglia in psychiatric disorders is getting more and more important. These macrophages of the brain might play an important role in affective disorders like depression and bipolar disorder as well as in schizophrenia. Therefore, Nadja is joining the discussion about new developments in microglial Research at the SyNergy Microglial Meeting 2018 in Munich. On Friday the 21th of September Nadja is giving a talk about Microglia activation in the PolyI:C model of schizophrenia at the meeting. At the talk, she will also discuss recent findings of David’s and Marie’s work.

Listen to Dominiks Talk at the DGBS

The annual meeting of the German Society for Bipolar Disorder (DGBS) is taking place from the 6th to the 8th of September in Hamburg. This conference brings together patients, relatives of patients and scientist associated with Bipolar Disorder. Dominik will not only attend there for fruitful discussions and learn more about the human side of Bipolar Disorder. He has the great honor to give a talk about animal models for Bipolar Disorder, focusing on his recently published article animal models for bipolar disorders: from bedside to the cage. The talk will take place in the session “recent findings from research” together with the winner of last year Jules-Angst research award of the DGBS Dr. Sarah Kittel-Schneider. Feel free to join if you are interested!