We are looking for you

We are looking for a new PhD student to enrich our group. The focus of the doctoral thesis is on bipolar disorder in animal models and optogenetic methods. If you find yourself here and would like to start your doctoral thesis in autumn 2023, just follow the link below for more information.

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It’s time to say goodbye

Masterabschluss Kimberly BösingAfter a year full of work, Kimberly Bösing submitted her master’s thesis entitled: Role of cellular senesence and activated microglia in the Poly (I:C) mouse model of schizophrenia in February. We congratulate her and wish her all the best for her future.

New Year New Students

Candy TheisWe are very happy to welcome Candy as a new master student. Candy is interested in using social behaviors for the investigation of psychiatric disorders.
She will therefore perform a battery of social tests to further describe the mania-like phase of our Dopamine D1-Receptor rat model for bipolar disorder.

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Familiar face, new doctoral student

Patrick Reinhardt, M.Sc.

We are very pleased to welcome a familiar face as a new doctoral student in our laboratory. Patrick Reinhardt, who has already successfully completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees with us, is now starting his doctoral thesis with the title: Prefrontal dopaminergic modvlations:
Disease modeling and treatment evalation in rodents.

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Faculty Day

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-14 at 13.18.46On October 14, the first Faculty Day of the medical faculty of the RUB took place. This was organized by the Commission for Young Scientists. All clinics, institutes and chairs of the Bochum University Medicine were allowed to show their research and doctoral topics by means of a poster presentation. Of course, we were also represented with our working group.

Time for Networking

logo-ncad2On October 11th the start symposium for the National Centre of Affective Disorders (NCAD) took place in Frankfurt. Nadja Freund participated and was impressed by the interesting talks, nice atmosphere and fruitful discussions. Plans for collabortaions with animal models for affective disorders were already made. We are looking forward to further meetings and projects with our colleagues!


Nadja PreisFrom 09/12/22 to 09/14/22 the third joint congress of the AGNP and DGBP took place in Berlin. Nadja Freund and Patrick Reinhardt took an active part in this congress. Patrick had the honor of giving a lecture on animal experiments on the hedonic effect of the dopamine D1 receptor and Nadja was honored to receive the DGBP young scientists award for her research. As part of the award ceremony, she gave a lecture with the following title: Dopamine receptor manipulation in rodents –  Findings for Bipolar Disorder.


WhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 12.34.01The 21st Annual Meeting of the DGBS in Frankfurt am Main was held under the heading: Bipolar and Addiction – Comorbidity and Differential Diagnosis. From September 9th, 2022 to September 11th, 2022, Kirsten Schmerder and Nadja Freund represented our working group and took part in various symposia and workshops.

Summer school in Istanbul

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-17 at 17.54.55From 15.08. – 19.08.22 the German-Turkish Summer School took place in Istanbul.
The summer school was aimed towards master students/ PhD students with a neuroscience background interested in comparative neuroscience and evolution. Among other things, the summer school comprised talks by leading experts in the field, the opportunity to present own ongoing or planned research in quick five min talks, and individual discussion sessions with experienced research for the sake of career planning. Prof. Dr. Nadja Freund and Sevim Isparta had the honor of giving a lecture entitled: Emotions across species (Freund) and Investigation of the Effect of Prenatal Stress on Laterality in Rats using a Novel Motor Laterality Testing Apparatus (Isparta). Sevim even won the best presenation award.